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About me:

Hello, my name is Seth Cheng Guang Jenkins, and I am a Christ-follower, student (University of Maryland Baltimore County), programmer (TI-BASIC, Java, Bash, C++, Javascript, x86, Makefiles), hacker (we’ll get to that later), athlete (soccer), philosopher, thinker, blogger (now at least), musician (trumpet), employee (Tenable Network Security), burgeoning astrophysicist (or wishfully so), CEO (M1rr0r Computing LLC), former DoD employee (US Naval Academy), video gamer (Rocket League, Elite Dangerous, Battlefront, FIFA), car enthusiast (drove an Audi R8 once) oh and a Christ-follower.

“Dude you mentioned you were a Christian twice.” 

Oh did I? Yes I suppose I did. He’s the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega, and He’s my Savior. And He is, at the deepest point, the reason for everything I do. End of story. *mic drop, walks off stage*

About To Move This Mountain:

*walks back on stage* To Move This Mountain is the inevitable offspring of the massive amount of highly opinionated things I wrote/write on Facebook.

It started sometime at the beginning of 2015, when I started browsing Facebook, CNN, Polygon, Tomshardware, Youtube, and many other websites and started really taking a look at the world and what I thought about it. What followed was a massively deep amount of introspection (mostly in the shower, great place to think by the way, highly recommend it) on who I was, who I wanted to be, who God wanted me to be, whether God was a figment of my imagination, whether I wanted to be a conservative or a liberal (I hate both, I’d like to be called an American *second mic drop of the night*), my moral beliefs on everything from video gaming to homosexuality, why I was alive, what difference I wanted to leave in the world, and pretty much anything else that happened to pass through my train of thought.

Before long, Facebook became my outlet for all of my opinions, and after awhile, I started hearing from little birds that I was attracting more attention than I realized. People cared, they listened, they thought, they vehemently disagreed, they agreed wholeheartedly, and I realized that my words can and do have an impact. There came a point when I realized that I had a following, and simultaneously realized that the people who could see my posts was strictly limited to my Facebook friends. And tada, the idea for a blog was born.

The goal of this blog:

Is to illuminate the world to people, to make people think thought-provoking things, and to get people to realize that in the end, we’re all equal human beings, all with thoughts, feelings, desires, goals, emotions, beliefs and everything else that makes us human.

I also want to encourage people to seek the Truth, in all that they do, wherever that Truth might be, whether it’s what you believe, or it’s what you don’t believe, what you think is right, and what you don’t think is right. I want to encourage people to be able to admit they’re wrong, to confront viewpoints different from theirs, and be willing to consider a possibility that runs counter to everything they’ve ever thought. And in the end, use the knowledge, the logic, the reason at hand to make an educated decision on what they think about…everything.

In the end, I hope that this blog makes the world a better place, in whatever major or minor way that God feels fit to make it. In the end, it’s up to him where this whole experiment goes, but I’ll hope you’ll follow along on the journey.


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