They don’t give a ****.

Every couple months we have one of these scares.

This time, it was the Epi-pen scandal.

Now let me make it clear, I have a milk allergy myself, and I’ve had to use an Epi-pen before, and I understand perfectly well the life-saving potential it has. But I’m being bothered more and more by people’s reaction to the whole thing. For example, let me give you a chart. This chart shows how the Epi-pen’s price has increased over the past 5 years. Mylan taking advantage of people with allergies is a behavior that has been occurring for the last 5 years. Then one day, not too very long ago, a news company publishes an article about the “scandals of the Epi-pen” and the immorality of it all, and this news company gets ahold of it, then that one does, and all of a sudden all of the press is talking about it, and people are renouncing their partnerships with Mylan over the Epi-pen and…

Do you really think anyone actually cares?

Do you really think anyone EVER cared?

Have you ever considered how anyone who has been partnered with Mylan for the past 5 years only had to look up a price history to see that Mylan has been doing this for half a decade? But only now, now that it’s in the public eye, that they renounce Mylan, implying that the company is immoral, wrong, monopolizing and all sorts of bad economic and pathos words.

But let me tell you, big morally grounded companies, I don’t want your sympathy. If you really were sympathetic, you should have been sympathetic when this whole thing started, not only now that everyone is looking.

Because to me, I can only draw one conclusion from that. You companies renouncing your partnerships…you really couldn’t care less.

You’re just doing it so you look like the good and happy company that has morals, when really, are you’re in it for is the money and the good press.

And let’s be honest, now that it’s a month or two later…no one gives a crap anymore. Now that the last news article by a major news company is 2 and a half weeks old, the public goes back to not caring, the companies go back to not caring, Mylan stops backpedaling, and once again, we’re back to where we started.

While Mylan is the most recent example of this, there are even better examples than that. Freddie Gray is a wonderful example. The news got out, a black person had died at the hands of the police. The headlines all said “Freddie Gray, murdered, killed, police brutality, racism!!” Protests in the streets, businesses, cars, livelihoods burned down, rioting, police, you could SEE the fires from UMBC, trials were being announced, people in authority stood up and talked about all of the awfulness. And people talked about change, and how we wouldn’t stand for this. That there would be justice.

But did anyone bother to tell you that not a single person in the Freddie Gray trial was ever convicted? Perhaps you heard about it in passing? Never heard about it again? No rioting in the streets, no businesses burned down, no fancy news articles, no people in positions of authority standing up and proclaiming the immorality of it all…do you want to know why?

Because tough as this might be to hear, the public as a whole never actually cared that much in the first place.

Or at the very least, the people no longer care now that the press no longer care.

The outrage burned hot and loud, but it burned out quickly, and now we have nothing but indifference. Just one more something to be mentioned in passing at the dinner table.

And that’s the reality of the world we live in.


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