Obama Cares

See what I did there? Obamacare…Obama Cares…? Man I feel clever.

Man that’s so lame.

Anyway, I’ve been a little annoyed with conservative people’s articles and comments lately. Many conservatives have repeatedly claimed that Obama doesn’t care about our country, nor our Constitution, nor anything that makes America…well…America.

I understand the sentiment. He has done many things that conservatives just straight up don’t agree with, so it’s understandable that they wouldn’t be too fond of him. He’s a Democrat, and (in a total coincidence) relatively leftist as well. It’s really not surprising at all some of the anger he has had directed at him. However, I would argue that claiming that Obama doesn’t care is entirely unfair.

Here’s a question I’ve heard asked before…would you want to be President?

Chances are, a large majority of you just said no. According to the New York Times, less than half of all parents would want their child to grow up to be President. CNN posted an article a couple years ago wondering why anyone would EVER want to be President. And for good reason! Just go find some before and after pictures of American Presidents. Being President wears on a person. It’s no joke running a country. A lot of people I’ve talked to really don’t want to be President. “Too much publicity,” some say. “Too much stress,” say many others. It’s a hard job.

What I’m saying all this for is this. Anyone who didn’t care about our country would not EVER bother to become President. That person would not BOTHER to become a Senator, would not BOTHER to become President, would not BOTHER to run the risk of presenting themselves as the most prime target for any terrorist group in the world, and certainly would never get through their first term and say “I’m ready to go a second.” A person does not become President by not caring about our nation. You think you had to get vetted for your job? Imagine having hundreds of millions of Americans screaming for your impeachment. For 8 years.

I probably would’ve thrown up my hands a long time ago.

If you claim that Obama doesn’t care about this country, and simultaneously say that you wouldn’t ever be willing to take on the stress that being the President requires, I would posit that you care even less about this country than Obama does.

Certainly many people might DISAGREE with Obama on many things that he has done, myself included.

Certainly we might feel that his actions are not the most conducive to running the US in the best manner possible.

But none of that means that he does not care.

It just means he cares differently for the nation than conservatives would want.

And that happens in a democracy.


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