I’m right, you’re wrong

I’m right, you’re wrong.

The phrase is one of the most common thought processes that occur in society. While it may not always come out as clear as that, the general belief that one’s own beliefs supersede all others is more than just commonplace, but arguably natural. It is natural to believe that what you believe is right. If you didn’t believe it to be right, then you wouldn’t be believing it at all!

But the fact remains that there are many people who say: “But I know my beliefs are right.” or “I know that my beliefs line up with the Bible” or “I know that my way is best”, and in a case where two “beliefs” are mutually exclusive and only one can be correct, that means that someone must be wrong. And the first step might be being willing to admit that you just might be that someone, even if it goes against everything that you believe.

Treat all beliefs equally, including your own, and including someone else’s.

It would be the height of self-centeredness to immediately dismiss someone else’s belief(s) because it conflicts with your own.

While it’s a difficult mindset to take, and I find myself subconsciously not taking it on a nearly daily basis, be willing to confront the possibility that you might be wrong. Place and value another person’s beliefs on equal footing as your own, and use logic, facts, and previous experience to make a decision on your own rightness and wrongness.

My first step into this world was when I made the decision that my belief on the Bible must not be totally correct. I didn’t know what I believed that was incorrect, but to this day, I remain with the certainty that I always have something to learn or confront in Scripture.

I know this, because I know there are people believing mutually exclusive things based off of the same Book, and that I am certainly a member of that group of people, thus, I am likely wrong about SOMETHING, and to assume that I am the right one and that all others are wrong is too dogmatic a belief to accept.

And I encourage you to think in a similar way. Be willing to confront the possibility, no, likelihood, no, certainty, that you are wrong on something, and be willing to question everything. And encourage others to do the same because ultimately, that’s how we grow.

It’s a much more effective way to reach people with your thoughts if you’re willing to be reached by theirs.


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