On persecution of the Church

We are increasingly living in a world where Christianity is seen more and more as an oppressive and judgmental group of people, and more and more of Christianity is being shut out of our society and our country. Conservatives call for Christ to be put back in Christmas, for Christian Monuments to stay on public grounds, and people call to “Not forget the persecuted Christians in the Middle East” and to fight against the “systematic oppression of Christianity happening in our society”.

But let’s make one thing clear. When Jesus came, He was persecuted. He was persecuted a lot. He was persecuted to the point of death. And yet every time he was persecuted, his response was not to fight against it, declare it as unfair, or tell people he was oppressed. His response was simply to love.

He was persecuted, and persecuted, and persecuted, and He loved, and He loved, and He loved all the way to the Cross where people spat on Him and cursed Him and gave Him vinegar when he asked for water. And up there as He died, He didn’t say “This isn’t fair, this isn’t just, you need to change, this is a systematic oppression of our faith and beliefs and society.” All he said was simply “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Remember what our place is brothers and sisters. Our place is not to fix and get rid of persecution in the world, even against Christians. Our place is to love, as Christ has loved.

So let us not lose sight of that which causes the most change in the world, because it’s not fighting in Congress, it’s not debating World Leaders, it’s not outscreaming the opposition, it’s not by writing scathing posts, nor coming up with memorable Facebook memes or clever political cartoons. The most change in the world is wrought by love. Pure, unadulterated, unconditional, full, unstoppable love. For that is the heart of Christianity and is the center of what Christ came to do.

So if we want to change the world, let us not lose sight of our primary goal, and let’s love as Christ first loved us. And I guarantee that that will make more impact to more people than anything that anyone could ever say.


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