Xbox One Streaming

*geek alert. Back away now if you are not predisposed to extremely detailed descriptions of networks, computers or video streaming*

So as some of you gamers may know, Xbox a.k.a Microsoft released home network streaming for the Xbox One in conjunction with Windows 10, allowing you to stream Xbox games from your Xbox to any other Windows 10 computer in the house. Which is super cool and was honestly a great option for me given that my monitor only has 1 HDMI port…and my computer is already using it.

However, life is not always that simple. You see, my computer and my Xbox both live upstairs in my room, while the router exists downstairs under a desk. What this means is that the connection is…awful. Unplayably awful, impossible to use awful. However, I was not quite as stranded as I feared, because I had this crazy idea. What if I could connect an Ethernet cord between my computer and Xbox and stream that way, right from my Xbox to my computer? This sounded great on paper, because Ethernet connections are almost ALWAYS superior to a Wifi connection, however, the mechanic for tunneling Internet from my computer (which could get Internet over its preexisting Wifi adapter) to the Xbox had so far eluded me, as while it is extremely common for the Ethernet port to be used as the way to GET Internet for a computer, it is much LESS common to be using it to GIVE Internet to a device.

To my rescue came Tom’s Hardware, just pretty much the best computer hardware and software site on the Internet. “HALP I asked” and went to bed that night hopeful that someone would answer my call.

I woke up the next morning to a link for something integrated into Windows called “Internet Connection Sharing” which lets you stream the Internet from one network device to another. Turns out there’s a tiny, buried away feature in Windows to do exactly what I wanted it to do.

I shared my Wifi Adapter (one network device) with my Ethernet Port (another network device) and plugged my Xbox into the back of my computer…and lookee that, my Xbox has Internet. When I tested my video streaming connection, I found that the quality had gone THROUGH THE ROOF and had kept going out past Mars and wasn’t showing any sign of coming back.

I am now playing Halo 5 at 1080p (or as close as Halo’s dynamic resolution scaler will let me) at 60fps, and with nearly no latency, with my Xbox plugged into no active screen whatsoever, and with my computer desktop just a click away. And with my Xbox plugged into my computer of all things.

Seth: 1    –  Computer: 0


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